Spring is the season of choice to make the most of everything Côte-de-Beaupré has to offer. The Saint-Lawrence river in the background and the shiny green hues of nature waking up after winter is a sight for sore eyes every year.

This brand new season is the ideal moment to hike: neither too hot nor too cold. It is also the perfect moment to unwind! Here are our four predilection choices in the area to celebrate the arrival of warmer temperatures.

Main picture : Quentin Orain

Snow Geese on the Cap-Tourmente Marsh

As of the end of April, birdwatchers will have luck on their side at the Cap-Tourmente National Wildlife Area, an impressive territory of about 24 square kilometres, snuck between river and mountains. It is the time of the year chosen by the snow geese to come back from the south. A truly impressive spectacle to watch! It is not uncommon that on certain days, birdwatchers can admire 50 000 of them on the foreshore, feeding in the marsh. They will stay in the area until approximately the third week of May. La Cime is a trail of 9,2 km long and is particularly fitting to observe the birds. It requires about 4,5 hours for the round trip, but the view is definitely worth it! A few easier routes are also suggested here.

You will also get the chance to observe hundreds of other bird species, including wood ducks, warblers or peregrine falcons, to name a few.

Until March 31st, the area is open to the public from Monday to Friday, from 8h30 to 16h. The site will reopen at the end of April, after the spring snowmelt. Visit the website to know the complete opening hours.

Want to live the Cap-Tourmente differently? Sign up for the Tour du Cap Tourmente, a festive and family-friendly event taking place from June 11th to 13th, 2021. Several courses of various distances are suggested and an endurance trail option of 18 km will be offered for the first time this year. After so many cancelled events due to the pandemic, we are eager to find ourselves on a starting line!


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Impressive Rising Water Levels of Chute Montmorency

Spring is the best moment to admire the incredible strength of water at Parc de la Chute-Montmorency. And who says snowmelt says truly impressive water flow. At the height of the rise, more than 125 000 water litres per second is flowing into the Montmorency River. Crossing the suspended bridge at this moment of the year provides thrilling sensations! You can feel the waterfall rumbles under your feet.

After enjoying the view of the river and Île d’Orléans, follow the Résurgences trail, which runs along the river upstream from the waterfall. The forest is magnificent!

Psst! Did you know the Montmorency waterfall is 30 metres higher than the famous Niagara Falls? Impressive!


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Ultimate Relaxation at Spa des Neiges

After a breath of fresh air, the natural balance of Côte-de-Beaupré encourages us to end the day at the Spa des Neiges. Located by the Saint-Lawrence river, this spa resort is a haven of peace with a truly stunning view. It hosts outdoors nordic baths, a sauna, a hammam, teepees and resting areas. A full range of massage therapy and body care is also available, much to the pleasure of aching muscles.

Every visit is a relaxing trip.


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The Renowned Spa Château

The reputation of the spa at Château Mont-Sainte-Anne is well established. Experienced therapists offer a wide range of massages, body and face care, or cosmetic care, in a relaxing environment at the foot of Mont-Sainte-Anne. Perfect to restore your energy levels!

Try the “Appel de la mer” massage, done with warm seashells, or a body care that is sea herbs based. You will not be disappointed!

Château Mont-Sainte-Anne will be a part of the Delta Marriott franchise by April. Major renovations were carried out and the hotel is truly stunning. An Aqua Center NORDIK with outdoors baths will open its doors next year. Do not miss out!

Come enjoy the natural balance offered on the Côte-de-Beaupré. Sports and relaxation are available in a charming scenery, and will certainly have an energizing effect!

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