Spring is officially here and degrees are climbing. It can only mean one thing: ROADTRIP! Finally, riding with windows down, wind flowing through the car. Sing, laugh and admire the exceptional landscape of our Belle Province.

The ultimate reward, regardless of our destination? Dot your itinerary with gourmet destinations. Because yes, letting our taste buds travel is still allowed and eating is still an essential need!

Côte-de-Beaupré is well-known for its mouthwatering culinary options. Today, let us share our all-time favorites in this wonderful region, when leaving from Quebec City.

Main picture : Pierre-Nicolas Lessard

Le Comte de Roussy Farm

First stop is Le Compte de Roussy farm. Why is that? It is a part of all four culinary tourism routes around Quebec City and the farm offers a great variety of products freshly picked or transformed. Bonus: the breathtaking view of St-Lawrence River and île d’Orléans while enjoying a comforting piece of homemade pie!

Vineyard Domaine l’Ange Gardien

Looking for a change of scenery that includes vines? Stop at the Vignoble Domaine l’Ange Gardien, where they offer finely crafted wines since 2007. Best of what Côte-de-Beaupré’s land has to offer.

The vineyard is located on the terraced hillside of L’Ange-Gardien and is easily accessed via route 138, at only 20 minutes from downtown Quebec City.

Psst! We (strongly) invite you to taste or bring back home their Côte-de-Beaupré vintage, laureate of the gold medal at Coupe des nations 2020. Delicious, no less! Cheers!

Arthur Cauchon Farm

The name Arthur Cauchon goes hand in hand with rigorous labor, a love for the land and freshly picked or transformed products coming from a diversified culture.

Stop at the farm on avenue Royale to fill up on fruit ketchup, apple butter, maple products and seasonal produce!

Bakery Praline & Chocolat

For those with a sweet tooth, Praline & Chocolat is a must-stop on a road trip. Located at Château-Richer, on the Route de la Nouvelle-France, the bakery is renowned for its famous croissants but also its decadent, delicate and authentic pastries. Cakes, pies, macaroons, chocolates, gelatos and homemade bread – everything you need to satisfy your cravings! Mouthwatering and unmissable stop.

Chez Marie

You know this feeling of being hugged by the smell of a freshly baked loaf of bread when you walk in a bakery? Well, at Chez Marie, this smell is queen, all the time. Loads of bread are baked daily in the 1652 house located in Château-Richer. During summer months the bread is baked outside in a 150-year-old oven. Donuts, brioche and turnovers are added to the selection during warmer months to satisfy every single customer. Great choice for a snack to eat on the road!

Microbrasserie des Beaux Prés

Thirsty? Beer lovers might be familiar with the Microbrasserie des Beaux Prés. Those looking for a friendly atmosphere devoid of any fuss should head there to enjoy high quality craft beer. And if you feel peckish, aim for the all-dressed nachos! 10 minutes away from Mont-Sainte-Anne, this little microbrewery is certainly worth the detour!

Les Trois Becs

Make sure to stop at Les Trois Becs, where their catering service is available to anyone interested in enjoying a meal prepared by chefs without having to plan an event. A road trip is an ample excuse to treat yourself! Many homemade options are available to take out and various local products are sold there. Love it!


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À Chacun son pain

For breakfast, lunch or brunch, À Chacun son pain has everything you need to fill your bellies. Your pick: fresh bread, pastries, sandwiches and local products. Something for everyone in this simple artisanal bakery-café in Beaupré.

Ferme Les Canardises

Mandatory stop to stretch your legs in Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges is Les Canardises. The farm is a great place to stock up on high quality duck products, while learning about sustainable outdoor farming in Quebec. Animal well-being is the centerpoint of this farm’s family values and is visible when you visit.

Ferme Québec-Oies

A play on words, passionate people and a rare product to represent local land: goose foie gras at Ferme Québec-Oies is a must-need. At the edge of Charlevoix, the farm is spanning on large meadows and its landscape is dreamy. Their culinary treats made from geese are all delicious. Don’t miss out on it!

Bio Ferme des Caps

To bring an end to this tasty road trip, take a deep dive into an organic, gluten-free and raw world. The Bio Ferme des Caps and its 214 acres of land are overflowing with fruits, trees, herbs and flowering bushes. They promote permaculture, biodiversity and balance between humans and nature. Our personal favorite: all the varieties of homemade kombucha, filled with taste and healthy benefits. What a great way to digest a colorful and discovery packed road trip!

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