Côte-the-Beaupré is way more than breathtaking landscapes and outdoors sports! Its cultural side is diverse and leads to visual artists, sculptors and artisans from all backgrounds. Here are four artistic spots to discover this summer, in addition to a collaborator circuit in which many of them are active.

Main picture : Pierre-Nic Lessard

Atelier Paré

At Atelier Paré, legends and tales are told while discovering the art of wood carving, a traditional craft found in most of the churches here. You will also get the chance to see these sculptors at work and learn more about their creation process. Founded by master woodcarver Alphonse Paré, the workshop welcomes visitors from around the world. The visit, led by a storyteller, lasts about 15 minutes.


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Galerie Ni Vu Ni Cornu

Visual art lovers will be pleased by the vast selection of artwork at the Ni Vu Ni Cornu gallery, located just a stone’s throw from Basilique Saint-Anne-de-Beaupré and the new pier, that allows access to the river and offers a breathtaking view on the coastline. Qualities valued by the organisation include originality and fun. These are translated through colored and dynamic artwork achieved with various techniques such as paint, sculpture, photography or textile. You can find artisanal objects made in Quebec such as jewelry, bags, ceramics and soaps. More than 40 artists were carefully chosen by a jury to be exposed at the gallery. Nested in a historical building from the end of the 19th century, the gallery boasts a unique charm.


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Albert Gilles Copper Workshop

Either by visiting the Christorama or attending the exhibition Prospecteurs, à vos marques!, the museum of Copper artwork will fill you with marvel, thanks to its silver creations and its rich Catholic history. Inside the Christorama, admire 50 depictions of Jesus’s life, made by Albert Gilles over the course of 15 years. Every year, numerous pilgrims from various religious communities come to admire them. Interesting facts: the workshop has produced ornaments for more than 35 churches across North America, and has counted among its customers Pope PXII, Walt Disney, as well as Chrysler and General Motors owners.

Open to all, workshops are offered for groups, on appointment, to learn the technique of copper repoussé.


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Saint-Aubin Marion art gallery

Located in a beautiful ancestral house from the 1800s in the municipality of Château-Richer, the Saint-Aubin Marion art gallery welcomes visitors for a complete artistic experience. You will, of course, be able to admire (and purchase if you fall in love) artwork painted by Louise Marion and Yvon Saint-Aubin, the owners of the gallery, but also watch the artist’s work outside on sunny days. You will certainly be enchanted by the authenticity of their home as well as their colorful landscape paintings, enhancing light.


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Pour les découvrir tous : le Circuit des créateurs

Le Circuit des créateurs de la Côte-de-Beaupré donne l’opportunité aux visiteurs d’apprécier des talents porteurs de savoir-faire distinctif. Cette excursion artistique se dirige autant vers des artistes professionnels en art actuel ou traditionnel que vers des artistes créateurs, des centres d’interprétation, un économusée, des musées ou des galeries d’art.

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